Enflect prides itself on the ability to respond rapidly and effectively to its clients' real needs. We are small, focused and flexible, and offer a lean alterative to traditional consulting firms, geared to achieving profound results quickly. We achieve these results by embracing a hands-on approach to implementing change, and often assuming interim management positions in our clients' companies. Our emphasis is on the development and the successful implementation of the necessary plans -- not on a glossy report to management. Our consulting projects are shorter, offer more immediate impact, and help our clients accelerate past competitors in key areas.

How we do it:

  1. Cater to highly dynamic companies/divisions/project teams that are at an inflection point in their development, whether that inflection points is strategic, competitive, or technology-related.
  2. Enable companies to focus on the critical path deliverables and activities required to successfully cross key junctures in their growth.
  3. Do so through workshops and interim employment by seasoned veterans knowledgeable in the area of concern.
Enflect focuses on advising business leaders, from companies of all sizes, industries and geographies, on how to create the strategic change necessary to successfully "pass" key inflection points in their lifecycle so as to achieve long-term success. We help our clients (often technology-intensive companies) structure their strategies, companies, and core business processes for competitiveness, profitability, and growth.