Based on the premise that a company's ability to detect and meet a crisis determines whether or not it survives, Enflect first helps clients recognize signs of a current or forthcoming crisis, then defines and implements the actions needed to take the company through the next phase in its growth/lifecycle. From strategy and organization, to operations and technology, Enflect offers a suite of consulting services and change/learning solutions designed with our clients' goals in mind. These services include:

Corporate Strategy:

  1. Strategic needs analysis
  2. Market/competitive assessment
  3. Organizational design
  4. Business plan development
  5. Corporate portfolio analysis
  6. Acquisitions and internal development
  7. Processes review
  8. Financing support
  9. Valuation driver analysis
Product Management:
  1. Product opportunity survey
  2. Features analysis
  3. Product design
  4. Product demo design
  5. Product market testing
  6. Pricing studies
Marketing and Branding:
  1. Marketing analysis
  2. Multi-channel marketing
  3. Demand stimulation
  4. Brand definition
  5. Segmentation
Sales and Alliances:
  1. Sales force structure and compensation
  2. Distribution/channel options and strategies
  3. Optimization of sales productivity
  4. Customer acquisition
  5. Customer Relationship Management
Operations and Delivery:
  1. Benchmarking/best practices
  2. Procurement methodology review and cost analysis
  3. Cost reduction
  4. Processes assessment
  5. Processes improvement
  6. Overhead reduction
  7. Customer support